What can we expect in TFS 2013 Update 2

Earlier this month, MS released VS/TFS 2013 Update 2 CTP 1. Although, there was a VS 2013 Update 1, TFS – the ALM platform didn’t get any update. However, this time, 2013.2 carries pretty good list of interesting items. This update can be downloaded from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=390521

Some of the very useful features are being release with this update.


Tagging is one of the cool and widely used features. With current versions of VS/TFS, user can apply Tags only from the web interface.
And system offers the capability to filter work items based on Tags. These are good and bare minimum features. If a user wants to perform next level of tasks like add Tags part of another complex query, that is not possible. 

However, with 2013.2, Tags can be a part of any type of work item query.
Below, I’m editing a “Tree of work items” query and adding Tags clause

Tags can be applied from both Visual Studio and Web UI

Additionally, if we want to apply some security around Tags, that is possible too. This will become very handy, allows the team to manage their Tags cloud by controlling who can apply the Tags.. Tags stay reasonable and standard. This can be controlled at Team Project level or at individual Team level as well.


Lightweight Charts


Although Charting based on query was introduced with VS/TFS 2013, there are couple of cool features got added. Now, we can manage colors within the charts and pin the charts back to the team home page. So, your home page need not be decorated with just numbers anymore. The gotcha here is Charts can be created only for Flat list query and not for any other type of query. This doesn’t change in this update.

Below I’m creating a quick chart from a query and pinning that to my home page..


I can change colors within the chart as appropriate



Make sure your query is part of Shared Queries



Once its in Shared Queries, you should see an option to “Pin to homepage”

The same option shall be set from the chart as well



And I’m here on the Home page and seeing Charts …


There are some more enhancements on the Testing and Git version control side as well..


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