How to export Test Artifacts from TFS

TFS 2013 Update 2 (CTP 1) brings in another cool update. Till now, we have been using Test Scribe to export Testing related artifacts from MTM. With the latest update, some of those artifact export features are part of the product. From the web interface, we should be able to export the whole Test plan and Test suites. Artifacts can be exported as email or printed and configured to print as PDF or to OneNote or whatever you prefer…

Below is my sample Test plan and suites

Export at the Test Plan level

Export at the Suite level

You will see another dialog asking for some inputs to export appropriate content


  1. What to export from “Test Plan”
  2. What to export from “Test Suite”
  3. Where to export – to “Email”
  4. Where to export – to “Printer”

Though these are pretty simple options, output offers moderately attractive data

Information about the whole plan.. suite hierarchy (the ID next to the plan is not work item id..)


Test case and associated Requirement and Parameters


Although, we don’t get the Test runs, execution summary, results and other things that Test Scribe offers, those might be on the way in next update..


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