Classic Build Maturity path

Often there are some questions from the management with respect to build management space, especially when code promotions/release take more time, late night fire fighting over a period or build promotion flunked and QA team raises concerns

1. What is my build maturity?

2. Where does it stand against industry best practices?

3. My build engineer says we have the best process but still it fails often, takes longer duration and I feel some gap….

I tried putting together a classic build maturity path which could help us to comprehend the current state and best state too…I certainly think the maturity could vary based on the application/product architecture and there could be genuine reasons towards some of the current facts … however, I trust this could be a starting point when we stand clueless

I categorize them from Stage 0 thru Stage 4 as shown below

If you are following Agile methodology, I swear anything lesser than Stage 4 is affecting your delivery, quality & productivity. There are plenty of tools in the market which could help you to uplift from wherever you are today and reach Stage 4 fairly in about 6 months time.

Hope this post is useful.



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